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Saturday, January 05, 2008


My way: iKnow this blog seems.. speechless. Nevertheless there is a voice...

Notice aka Disclaimer: All the posts tagged with FWD or FW are forwarded emails (not the original files 4 security reasons) coming into my gmail inbox. The copyrights of the files(including text, photographs, graphics, sounds, labels, bugs, virii, anything, everything or nothing... + whatever the content might be) are uknown the most of the times so if any of the posts is violating any license agreement or any copyrighted, online or offline product, service or trademark, will immediately be removed. All it takes is you sending me an email or even comment below to inform me...rather than informing your law representative! :) - (aka νομικό σύμβουλο! :) Also, if any post contains sexual oriented material or is insulting... oriented for any visitor-viewer please inform me and it will disappear!!
To put it in another way: assume that the content of this blog-site is <pre>copyrighted</pre>, you cannot copy it or use it anywhere for any reason 0nly the elements-posts-photos noted with a "no usage restriction" footer are available for personal or commercial use, misuse or any kind of abuse, you are allowed to sell it, reproduce it, print it, fax it, email it, saveas it, place your trademark, logo, stamp, website or your professional credits, your name, your id.... we all know who is the owner. No credit or a credit back or a link back is required, no banner, no ad, no spam, no email, no written permission, not even my φάκινγκ opinion. It's up 2U!
Rest of content is either shared information or some kind of shared-freeware-copyleft service so relax, is... prison break-free!
The purpose of this let's call it a blog and its posts is educational for the (un)educated and informative for the seekers of the cyber-world called the internet.
I know this statement is kinda lame, it has almost no practical use, it might be globally illegal.. but I'm trying to protect this as we mentioned before blog... in other words, me! Don't forget this is a personal blog. Okok?

What about the FWD posts? (basic to the bone rule 4 g00d b-logging!:)
These posts are my incoming emails and I forwarded them to you... yeah, all over the Internet! ...the biggest contact list ever! :) You can freely forward them @ your personal contact lists. Forwarded emails, all they want is to be forwarded. 0nly the ultimate and legendary fake spam emails will be tagged w-urban legends! If you have seen a similar or exact FWD post-content somewhere else online or offline or its actually yours, please comment it if you want me to remove it or you to credit it or claim its copyright... or sue me.

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My word is not.. pressed, i'm a blogger!
Information is free... "Legalize" ©0πyrights!
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