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Friday, January 11, 2008

530 keyword search results (xabales newsreel)

Newsreel: The newsreel located at the top of the page is powered by Google :)
It fetches headlines from news websites, displays about 530 keywords rotating every 5 headlines/results. Be patient while loading... if you stare at it you can read 2.650 headlines one by one, iknow you can get even more news by using different means and methods but hey(!) at least you stay informed by visiting and browsing my b-log pages at the same time :)

530 keywords 0nly in Xabales B-Log newsreel.

jpmorgan, release, video, music, hard, easy, what, amnesty, radio, television, asian,
asia, hellas, bank, prison, my, yours, you, newsletter, email, sell, buy, admit,
announce, tribute, dollar, guiness, iraq, rebel, file, share, book, fuck, detect,
spy, agent, agency, politics, karamanlis, papandreou, bush, putin, white house,
city, sexy, sex show, stripper, forbes, report, times, exodos, penthouse, boyfriend,
girlfriend, planet, soho, sql, stab, street, unix, linux, ubuntu, shoot, fire, mobile,
1980, 31, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, usa,
europe, greece, athens, google, gmail, google reader, google video, bill gates,
microsoft, microsoft windows, hotmail, steve jobs, apple, mac, iphone,
operating system, rss, feed, syndicate, blog, social network, facebook, myspace, hi5,
blogger, wordpress, youtube, gadget, web 2.0, firefox, add-on, freeware, portable,
world, international, earth, world record, unique, rare, extreme, popular,
celebrity, sex, pornstar, aids, cinema, world tour, awards, award, nobel, oscar,
best-seller, albert einstein, cnn, bbc, discovery channel, mtv, dj tiesto,
armin van buuren, dj, trance, ambient, technology, top, top rated, the best, random,
weird, statistics, annually, monthly, weekly, daily, every, now, never, iq, intel,
amd, computer, virus, bmw, wrc, f1, world cup, champions league, hooligans,
hooligan, murder, suicide, death, dead, war, world war, cyber war, cyber,
cybernetics, science, computer science, online service, service, services,
live for speed, soulseek, video game, pc game, live, usb, ftp, hack, hacker,
hackers, crack, patch, turkey, cyprus, iraq, terrorism, conspiracy, psychology,
philosophy, warfare, tech, hi-tech, hi tech, wired, peace, mp3, ms13, ms 13, ms-13,
documentary, blooper, stunt, illusion, free gallery, free download, beta, demo,
trial, trial version, shareware, press, second life, news, track, time, bit, byte,
film, movie, music, christmas, porn star, guide, pornography, home, homemade,
home made, police, fbi, cia, kgb, interpol, zdnet, ad, quiz, study, research,
witness, teen, original, authentic, old, view, cnet, internet explorer, mozilla,
password, dies, flaw, cyber law, cyber crime, on-line, nerd, xbox, playstation, wii,
magazine, tv, television, kills, journal, sports, biography, information, search,
home-made, crash, crashes, future, past, present, robot, tool, best, internet,
taboo, love, history, story, top stories, miss, live, honor, honors, celebration,
scandal, scandals, support, greenpeace, european union, ggg, weather, network,
user, review, edit, watch, free, vista, club, buy, win, free press, gizmodo,
entertainment, biggest, smallest, longest, highest, tallest, shortest, reality,
real, health, oops, pick of, privacy, exposed, users, video, videos, career,
read, show, list, info, text, idea, rate, woman, man, today, tomorrow, bomb, god,
terror, mafia, jail, shame, human body, local, answer, solution, project, drug,
drugs, space, pc, version, arrest, suspect, wanted, sex festival, greece sex,
athens sex, update, help, group, tradition, predict, next, subscribe, newsletter,
lazy, festival, festivals, looser, fake, source, broadcast, stream, warning,
danger, death row, gang, last, first, free service, security, aka, riot, faster,
slowest, newest, oldest, hero, fatal, tips, forever, acid, season, massive, sign,
ira, agent, euro, wikipedia, reality show, how to, olympic games, arrest, incest,
milf, family, faith, real stories, megapixel, urban, myth, legend, xxx, photo,
email, president, EU, NATO, digital, archive, learn, team, side effect, digg, money,
next year, next month, paparazzi, global, globalization, post, comment, comments,
reply, forward, code, university, download, fact, hip-hop, forbes, 100, 10,
introduction, russian, russia, death penalty, sony, widget, fashion, model, yahoo,
reuters, database, google earth, interview, aol, ever


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